Centre of Excellence – providing global support

Avis Budget Group's Business Support Centre (BSC) established in beautiful Budapest has been supporting the Group’s subsidiaries with its expertise for nearly 15 years. As part of the International region of the Group, we are primarily serving Europe in 11 languages with more than 1200 employees.


Customer Services

At Customer Services post-rental complaints and queries are handled.

Customer Services team closes approximately 110 000 cases per month. This is the population of the city of Bath, England.

Commercial Support Services

Database Team is responsible for keeping the prices up-to-date and also manages customers' and rental locations' data. Sales Support Team is reporting and enabling sales activities.

Receivables department manages customer invoices.

Colleagues working in the Traffic Offence teams are dealing with administrative tasks related to the settlement of traffic offenses committed by customers. Operations Support team is mainly in charge of handling the overdue rentals.

Within a quarter we send out as many customer cards to the EMEA countries as the length of the Tropic of Cancer measured in kms.

Financial Services

At the Financial Services Department the focus is on general accounting, book-keeping and fleet related procedures.

On average one car is 4350 mms long, so if we place the cars we purchase within a year in a row, they would cover the distance between Budapest and Passau.

Passau - Budapest

Enabling Functions


Analytics team is responsible for reporting and analyses on various different areas such as Security, Customer Services, Customer Excellence, Operations Support, Web Marketing, Licensee Ancillary Sales and BSC Performance.

Change Unit

This team is dedicated to ensuring the success of change projects and initiatives, and to continuous improvement.


Compliance team is responsible for the development and control of policies and procedures which enable the Company to comply with the necessary rules and regulations.

Docu City

Docu City is an internal supplier centre in the BSC that handles the incoming and outgoing documents.


Facilities team handles the maintenance and development tasks of the office building and the procurement of office supplies.


Financial Planning & Analysis team is responsible for preparing the BSC’s financial plan, analysis, management and Group reports.

Human Resources

HR team is responsible for HR administration, training, recruitment, internal and external communication.

OneIT Budapest

OneIT Budapest team provides IT services to Avis Budget Group.


In the BSC we receive monthly 235 000 pages by post. If we put these documents on each other that is equal to the height of 4 giraffes.