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What we offer to our employees

Our recruitment process

  1. Application

    If you would like to join us, the best way to apply is to upload the latest version of your CV on our Career page. If you can’t find any vacant positions of your interest, it's still worth to register and sign up for job alerts marking those fields you are interested in, to stay informed of new opportunities opening up.

  2. Phone call

    The recruitment process gets started when one of our recruiters contacts you via phone. At this stage we ask whether you are still looking for a job, if you are interested in that particular position you had applied, the earliest date when you can start working and your salary expectations.

    If your expectations meet that we can offer, our specialist makes an appointment regarding the language test (via phone) and sends out the online tests related to the particular position via email.

  3. Language test

    The language test is conducted by a language school teacher or one of our colleagues who works on the given language area. Usually, this is a 10-15 minutes conversation and we receive feedback about the results within 1-2 days.

  4. Online test

    The online tests we send out to you are available on a website, therefore you do not need to print them out. They can be either soft skill, language or professional skill tests.

  5. Job Interview or Assessment Centre

    If your language competencies and your knowledge are appropriate for the level requested, our colleague gets in touch with you again in order to make an appointment for a personal interview.
    The job interview can be held individually or in small groups (Assessment Centre) depending on the number of vacant positions.

    If held individually it happens with the participation of a recruiter and at least one manager. Usually, there is a discussion about former work experiences and studies. The interview can be held in Hungarian or English, and particular parts of it are discussed in the language related to the given position.

    At the Assessment Centre recruiters and at least one manager participate. Usually, it starts with the introduction of the candidates in the certain language, then a presentation comes about the company, including general information about recent vacant positions. After this, there is a team exercise held in the certain language. The Assessment Centre is finished by short, individual interviews that are guided by the recruiter or the line manager.